Homework Tips for Week of February 17, 2014

Adding and Subtracting Decimals-When adding and subtracting decimals make sure to line up the decimals points before adding or subtracting and then just bring down the decimal point into the answer.

For example: 2.567
+ 21.3__

Multiplying Decimals—When multiplying by decimals, just multiply as if the decimal isn’t there. After you get the product, count the number of digits that are behind the decimals points. Then, count from right to left in the product that same number and place the decimal point.

Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers—When dividing decimals by a whole number, just bring the decimal point up into the quotient and divide like any other number.

Divide with Decimals—When dividing decimals by a decimal, the decimal point is moved to the right in the divisor and the dividend the same number of places and then brought up into the quotient.

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