Math Homework Tips for Week of February 24, 2014

Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers—When dividing decimals by a whole number, just bring the decimal point up into the quotient and divide like any other number.

Divide with Decimals—When dividing decimals by a decimal, the decimal point is moved to the right in the divisor and the dividend the same number of places and then brought up into the quotient.

Algebraic Expressions- An algebraic expression is a mathematical phrase that includes at least one variable. A variable is a letter or symbol that stands for one or more numbers. Students will be asked to write algebraic expression for word expressions.

For example: 11 more than e is 11 + e.

Identify Parts of Expressions- In this lesson, students will be asked to identify parts of an expression.

For example: 5m + 2n
The expression is the sum of 2 terms. The first term is the product of 5 and m. The second term is the product of 2 and n. Word expression: the sum of 5 times m and 2 times n.

Evaluate Algebraic Expressions and Formulas—When evaluating algebraic expression, substitute numbers for the variables and then follow the order of operations.

For example: Evaluate 25 + 9w when w = 8.

25 + (9 x 8) = 25 + 72 = 97

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