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  1.   Kendra Says:

    i have decided to write about pediatric nurses,but that’s not why i am writing you this kind of.i need to know if i win then do you think it would be good to make a video of how they do their job. the reason i am writing about this topic is because i think that i am going to be one when i get older,because i love wirking with children,so please wright me back.

  2.   Brylee Honeycutt Says:

    Dear Mrs. Caudill,
    I would like to know if you think writing about softball and how hard you have to work at it to win would be good as the passion project?I would like to do it as some sort of blog I just don’t know how if you kindly tell me how to do it I would be so very grateful. Here is some of what I was thinking about writing.

    My passion is softball if you don’t like softball well to bad. you have to work hard to achieve your goals but its still fun. Most of the games you have will be on a Saturday night or day. it depends on what day and time the coaches have booked the game. Usually I play center field . what I have always heard is that every position is important.

    That is all that I thought of to write you for now and I would like to know what you think is best please email me back. I may blog you over the weekend if that’s alright.

    Brylee Honeycutt

  3.   Mrs. Caudill Says:

    Bylee, I think softball is a great thing to be interested in. You need to research and find experts in softball and focus on what exercises, diet and practice plans are need to become a better softball player.

  4.   Mrs. Caudill Says:

    I think a video would be a great way to show what it takes to be a pediatric nurse and the responsibilities of the job. Good thoughts!

  5.   Brylee Honeycutt Says:

    my mom also wants to know when its due. I was going to write a paper that is 2 pages do you want it to be front and back or not.

  6.   Brylee Honeycutt Says:

    I would also like to know if there is a way to get extra credit. I think if I write a 2 page paper I will put it on a blog if that is okay with you it will all be about softball. please inform on how to make a blog.

  7.   Brylee Honeycutt Says:

    Sorry but I just couldn’t make up my mind. I would like to know if I can make a poster instead of a blog. I would also like some advice on what to put on there I would so gladly appreciate it.

    thank you

  8.   Mrs. Caudill Says:

    Brylee, we will be working on this project until Christmas break. You don’t have to have your presentation finished by Christmas, but you need to have your proposal finished by Christmas break.
    I have attached a rubric and template to this blog.

  9.   Mrs. Caudill Says:

    Kendra, I think a video is a great way to present your topic.

  10.   Erica McGrew Says:

    i am writing about psychocology becase that what my sister dose and i think its intreasting.

  11.   Erica McGrew Says:

    Dose psychology sound like a good topic to learn. If so what should i do if you like my passion project.

  12.   Mrs. Caudill Says:

    Make sure you narrow your focus so that you can present your topic in an interesting way.

  13.   Destinie bonner Says:

    Dear Mrs.caudill,
    Hello I’ve decided to write something about taking care of a infant.
    I just wanted to know if a website will work,and a brochure just to take on the ease…πŸ˜… Am I allowed to talk about breastfeeding and formula in the brochure? I also wanted to know if I can make a brochure and a website I will need the answer asap plzπŸ™‚

  14.   Destinie bonner Says:

    πŸ˜‚ sorry for all the questions about the assignment you have gave us…I’m just freaking out because I am afraid to not be able to turn it in πŸ€“πŸ€“ I’ll try my best thx😜🀘 you da best

  15.   Destinie bonner Says:


  16.   Destinie bonner Says:

    Dear mrs.caudill I’ve decided to do how cooking is important in life…OR cooking recipes thank you!!

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