Please read each week’s newsletter to stay informed on what is going on in Room 101.

Kindergarten stays very busy.  There’s always something new going on. 

Look for information to come home about Santa’s Secret Shop and Breakfast with Santa.

We are still having to be reminded of classroom rules and procedures.  These things should not be problems at this time of year.  Please talk to your child about following classroom, school, and bus rules.


Kindergarten curriculum begins to get much harder this time of year.  In reading our “cans” apply concepts rather than memorizing.  You may need to review the weekly cans with your child each week.  Up to this point, most students have learned them during the school day.

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Kindergarten News for the end of August:

Remember there will be NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 3rd and Friday, September 14th.

On Friday, August 31st grandparents may come to eat watermelon with their grandchild at 12:20.

We are making progress on writing our first name with only a capital letter at the beginning.

Most students are doing a good job at following classroom procedures now and have gained independence by walking themselves to our classroom, getting all of their things out of their backpack, and turning their picture card.  YEAH!!!  Things are going much smoother.

This week we have worked on baseline tests in reading and math.  It has been a learning experience! 🙂 We have learned how to bubble in circles for the correct answer.  It is amazing how quickly they catch on to new things.  By May you will be astonished at what all your child has learned!!!


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A New School Year

We have gotten started in a big way!  I can already see that the kiddos are settling into our routine and following schedules.  I want to thank all of the parents for the school supplies that they have sent in.  We will use them wisely and hopefully we won’t have to ask for anything else this year.


Some reminders:

Please do not send your Kindergarteners to school with flip flops.  I love them myself too!  However, they break very easy and are slick (dangerous) when climbing and playing outside.  I have just learned over the years that they can be a factor in accidents and incidents while at school.

Remember to send a snack with your child everyday for afternoon recess.

Check your child’s backpack everyday for notes and other things from school.


Thank you for sharing your children with us!  We will take care of them like our own.

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Welcome to a new year!

I’m looking forward to meeting you at Open House on Monday night, July 30th.

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Finishing up the year!

We are down for the count!  There’s only a few more days until summer break. 

Dates to look forward to:

April 17–Kindergarten Field Trip

Coke Delivery–April 20th

Field Day—Thursday, May 10

Last Day of School—Friday, May 11

8:30–Awards in the gym

1:00–4th grade softball game

July 30, 2012—Open House for the 2012-2013 School Year

August 1, 2012–First Day for Students


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A Look at December!!

You may send your child’s $5.00-$7.00 gift to school
at any time to go under our tree. They really need to be here no later than
Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

Snack Schedule

Mon. Dec. 12—Jason, Maddie, Layne, Ella

Tues. Dec. 13—Jasmine, Blake, Karah, Noah

Wed. Dec. 14—Joshua, Ethan, Austin, Riley

Thurs. Dec. 15—Heaven, Brooklyn, Preslee

Fri. Dec. 16—Jonathan, Kayleigh, Oriana



Dec.3-Breakfast with Santa  (8:00-1 1:00 am)

Dec.5-9—Santa’s Secret Shop (Our days to shop will be Tues & Fri)

Dec.15—Kyrock Blood Drive

Dec.19-30—Christmas Break

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Wow!  We have had a lot of stuff going on here at Kyrock for the last month.  We hope that things slow down some now that we have begun November.  We are trying to get back into our routine because there is so much to be learned before Christmas.

Some Reminders:

Please remember to send library books back on Wednesday!

Wear tennis shoes on Tuesday and Friday for PE.

Send homework folders back to school the next day after they are sent home.

Remember to practice the ” High Frequency” words on the word ring that has been coming home.  These words will be used over and over throughout our stories.



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September 26, 2011

Some reminders about Kindergarten:

Remember to send homework folders back each day after they come home.  It is very important to teach children responsibility.


Looking forward to our learning experience in Brownsville to finish up our unit on Community Helpers.  We are so thankful to be a part of a community that will take time out of their busy schedules to introduce themselves to Kyrock Kindergarten Kids.  Please thank them if you happen to see any of them.

Ambulance Service EMT and Paramedic, Police Officer Jeff Brooks, Firefighter Michael Alexander, Nurse Sheila Houchins, Cosmetologist Whitney Combs, Tow Truck Service Mickey Johnson, Nolin Dam Park Rangers, and Baker Renee Webb.

Edmonson County Court House, Bank of Edmonson County, and Cee Bee Food Store


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April 22nd

Wow!  This year is flying by so quickly!  There is so much going on at this time of year.  Please check your child’s backpack every night so that you won’t miss any important dates or activities.

Kindergarten teachers will be helping 3rd and 4th graders during our state-wide testing which begins on May 2.  We will still have reading here at school, but do not look for reading folders and homework because our schedules will be different each day during testing.

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News from Mrs. Dawn’s Kindergarten

March 14th

  • Kyrock’s “Relay for Life Water Bottle Fundraiser” continues to be successful.  If you wish to participate, you may send your coin-filled water bottle to school anytime between now and April 1.  Thank you for your help!
  • We are running low on wet wipes and flushable wet wipes.   If you are out shopping and wouldn’t mind donating either of these items to our class, we would greatly appreciate it. We use a lot of them with those “syrupy” breakfasts that we have! J

Also, as I’m sure you can imagine, we use quite a bit of cardstock paper to print all of the I Can statements we’ve been using this year.  If you would like to donate cardstock to our classroom supply, this would be a tremendous help.  The cardstock we use is available in a 5-color pack from Wal-Mart.  The colors are red, blue, green, yellow, and orange, and the cost for one pack is generally $3.97.  Cardstock can be found in the stationary or office supply sections of most stores. We would GREATLY appreciate any cardstock donations.

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