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Kindergarten News~ August 20th

   We had lots of fun during week 3 of kindergarten!  We are still trying to learn our rules and procedures! Ask your child if they have been flipping cards.  Many are getting those stickers for good behavior!

   Please look at your child’s CAN in the Friday folder.  I am so proud of our success this week.  *We have assessed identifying shapes, identifying front/back of book, singing ABC Song, sorting by colors, & knowing one’s birthday.  If your child is missing one of these cans, please assist them at home.  We are working hard every day at school.

 Always return the CAN on Mondays.  Thanks!  J

  Next week our “I Can” goals will be:  1) Orally stating the five senses   2) Sorting by shapes.

   Our themes will continue to be “Five Senses” and “Nursery Rhymes/Fairy Tales.”  Many students are catching on that rhyming words = same ending sound.  This is a skill that greatly enhances reading progress. 

   Check out (Elmo’s Rhyming) for at-home practice.

   We have sent home a “Highlights” flyer. Please sign it and send it back even if you DO NOT wish to subscribe for Highlights.  Our classroom earns prizes for the number of flyers we get back. If your child returns the form signed they will earn a sticker!

   You will also find your child’s Math Whizz username/password. This is a wonderful way for your child to gain math skills.  We will be using this all year long here at school.  I feel very lucky to be able to use it as a learning tool!

    Our first PTO meeting will be Monday, August 23rd (6:00 p.m. in our lunchroom).  Please make plans to come join us.  There are always prizes, food, and we’d love to have your input on our school-wide activities!

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