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Valentine News

Kyrock has voted as a school to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 11th.  You may send treats for the class on this day.  We will  exchange Valentines and eat at approximately 1:30.  If there is snow on this day, then we will celebrate on the first day back to school. 

This is our class list.

1. Shianna

2. Amanda

3.  Ruth Ann

4. Courtney

5. Gracey

6.  Gracie

7. Nadia

8. Tyler

9. Katelyn

10. Nolan

11.  Grant

12.  Caden

13. Calen

14. Garrett

15. Cameron

16.  Matthew

17. Braden

18. Derick

Many, many students are not bringing in snacks for themselves.  We have been foraging for things to give them at snack time. Please send a light snack with your child everyday.

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January 20th 2011

Snow, snow, snow! 

Because of missing school due to poor weather conditions, some days Kyrock’s lunch menus have to be changed because of the way food must be ordered and prepared.   Thank you for understanding.
Since we have had so many snow days, we have had trouble keeping a routine with our reading homework.  If your child does not know all of the alphabet letters and sounds, please work on them at home.  The third nine weeks of school really picks up on reading skills.  We will be working very hard to “sound-out” words.  We have also began to send home word rings with High Frequency Words from our reading books.  Please keep this ring in your child’s reading folder and we will be adding new words as the weeks go by.  We appreciate all of your support and help with making this a successful year in school for your child.

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