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For the week of: February 28-March 4, 2011

A water bottle will be coming home with your child soon.  Please fill it with change and return to school by April 1st.  All proceeds will go to Relay For Life to fund research for cancer. The water bottle fundraiser is completely optional, but we would greatly appreciate your involvement.

*If you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school, they need to be in our room, no later than 7:30 a.m.  Thanks!

*Please turn in your box tops by Tuesday, March 1st.  Our total is now 2,074. Right now our class has collected the most.  If we stay in the lead we will win a pizza party from PTO.

Next Week’s Cans:

1.        I can make words within a word family.

2.    I can define the meaning of a plus sign. (to put together/and)

3.     I can define the meaning of an equal sign. (the same amt/is)

 4.  I can name two ways to maintain dental health


We will be Studying:

Reading—Word Families–(at, ug, op, ot)

Math–Intro to addition

Theme–Dental Health





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A Quick Look at Kindergarten

Special Announcements:

  Students will come to school on President’s Day, February 21st to make up a snow day.

   You will notice that next week we will be introducing money during Math time.  Please don’t be too alarmed.  We will focus on identifying the penny, nickel, dime and quarter and their values; but we realize that this is a very difficult concept so we will not be assessing this as an “I can” statement.

    We will also be learning about “Presidents”.  The children always enjoy learning fun facts about some of our former presidents.

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