For the week of: February 28-March 4, 2011

A water bottle will be coming home with your child soon.  Please fill it with change and return to school by April 1st.  All proceeds will go to Relay For Life to fund research for cancer. The water bottle fundraiser is completely optional, but we would greatly appreciate your involvement.

*If you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school, they need to be in our room, no later than 7:30 a.m.  Thanks!

*Please turn in your box tops by Tuesday, March 1st.  Our total is now 2,074. Right now our class has collected the most.  If we stay in the lead we will win a pizza party from PTO.

Next Week’s Cans:

1.        I can make words within a word family.

2.    I can define the meaning of a plus sign. (to put together/and)

3.     I can define the meaning of an equal sign. (the same amt/is)

 4.  I can name two ways to maintain dental health


We will be Studying:

Reading—Word Families–(at, ug, op, ot)

Math–Intro to addition

Theme–Dental Health





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A Quick Look at Kindergarten

Special Announcements:

  Students will come to school on President’s Day, February 21st to make up a snow day.

   You will notice that next week we will be introducing money during Math time.  Please don’t be too alarmed.  We will focus on identifying the penny, nickel, dime and quarter and their values; but we realize that this is a very difficult concept so we will not be assessing this as an “I can” statement.

    We will also be learning about “Presidents”.  The children always enjoy learning fun facts about some of our former presidents.

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Valentine News

Kyrock has voted as a school to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 11th.  You may send treats for the class on this day.  We will  exchange Valentines and eat at approximately 1:30.  If there is snow on this day, then we will celebrate on the first day back to school. 

This is our class list.

1. Shianna

2. Amanda

3.  Ruth Ann

4. Courtney

5. Gracey

6.  Gracie

7. Nadia

8. Tyler

9. Katelyn

10. Nolan

11.  Grant

12.  Caden

13. Calen

14. Garrett

15. Cameron

16.  Matthew

17. Braden

18. Derick

Many, many students are not bringing in snacks for themselves.  We have been foraging for things to give them at snack time. Please send a light snack with your child everyday.

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January 20th 2011

Snow, snow, snow! 

Because of missing school due to poor weather conditions, some days Kyrock’s lunch menus have to be changed because of the way food must be ordered and prepared.   Thank you for understanding.
Since we have had so many snow days, we have had trouble keeping a routine with our reading homework.  If your child does not know all of the alphabet letters and sounds, please work on them at home.  The third nine weeks of school really picks up on reading skills.  We will be working very hard to “sound-out” words.  We have also began to send home word rings with High Frequency Words from our reading books.  Please keep this ring in your child’s reading folder and we will be adding new words as the weeks go by.  We appreciate all of your support and help with making this a successful year in school for your child.

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Week of Dec. 13-17th

  • Lots of “I cans” have been earned so far this year.  I’m so proud of the progress we have made!  Keep up the hard work.  Reading is right around the corner for many of us. 
  • Do not forget to send in your child’s $5.00-$7.00 gift by Wednesday!  Girls send girls gift, Boys send a boy gift.
  • There will be a Christmas program Friday morning in the gym.  Kindergarten will be singing  “Must Be Santa”.  Thursday we will be having our party at approximately 1:30.
  • Breakfast with Santa will be Saturday from 8-11 am. Make plans to bring the family to have their picture made with Santa.

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Kindergarten News~ November 19, 2010

Next week we will be having a special Thanksgiving celebration with the rest of our Kindergarten friends.  We really hope that our students remember this event and the true lesson of Thanksgiving follows them throughout their lives!  May each of you have a bountiful holiday.

We are really running low on wet wipes and anti-bacteria wipes for the classroom. Please send some in! Maybe we will be able to make them last until May.

Next Week’s Cans:

1.      I can name a Thanksgiving tradition.

2.    I can identify the opposite of an object.  

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Community Helpers

Wow!  This has been an exciting two weeks in Kindergarten!  The children have loved to meet all of our visiting community helpers.  Dress-up day was today and a huge success!!  The children have had a fabulous time.  We look forward to tomorrow and seeing all of the community helpers in Brownsville.

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For the week of: September 6-September 10

We’re Studying:

Reading- The Little School Bus

Math- more and less

Theme- our flag and country

Writing-creative journal writin

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Kindergarten News~ August 20th

   We had lots of fun during week 3 of kindergarten!  We are still trying to learn our rules and procedures! Ask your child if they have been flipping cards.  Many are getting those stickers for good behavior!

   Please look at your child’s CAN in the Friday folder.  I am so proud of our success this week.  *We have assessed identifying shapes, identifying front/back of book, singing ABC Song, sorting by colors, & knowing one’s birthday.  If your child is missing one of these cans, please assist them at home.  We are working hard every day at school.

 Always return the CAN on Mondays.  Thanks!  J

  Next week our “I Can” goals will be:  1) Orally stating the five senses   2) Sorting by shapes.

   Our themes will continue to be “Five Senses” and “Nursery Rhymes/Fairy Tales.”  Many students are catching on that rhyming words = same ending sound.  This is a skill that greatly enhances reading progress. 

   Check out (Elmo’s Rhyming) for at-home practice.

   We have sent home a “Highlights” flyer. Please sign it and send it back even if you DO NOT wish to subscribe for Highlights.  Our classroom earns prizes for the number of flyers we get back. If your child returns the form signed they will earn a sticker!

   You will also find your child’s Math Whizz username/password. This is a wonderful way for your child to gain math skills.  We will be using this all year long here at school.  I feel very lucky to be able to use it as a learning tool!

    Our first PTO meeting will be Monday, August 23rd (6:00 p.m. in our lunchroom).  Please make plans to come join us.  There are always prizes, food, and we’d love to have your input on our school-wide activities!

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Welcome To School

School will start on Monday, August 2nd.  This will be a half day for students.  The bell to dismiss will be at 12:00.  Buses will arrive shortly afterward.

Check often for new posts.

July 29, 2010

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