Kyrock Elementary Library Handbook

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Kyrock Media Center Handbook

Book Fair is Coming

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Book Fair Letter

Book Fair


Dear Parents and Families,

The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 25, 2011 through April 29, 2011. 

Our Book Fair brings a weeklong celebration of reading to our school. What happens at home matters even more…Parents and older siblings are so influential that we hope you will join us and bring home some good books as a souvenir for the whole family to enjoy.

Wednesday will be parents and grandparents day. Parents or grandparents may come anytime during the day and shop with their grandchildren.

Students will be coming to the book fair on their regular library day. If you can’t make it on Wednesday, parents and grandparents are welcome every day.

One added feature this year is an online book fair. The online book fair will run from April 14, 2011 until May 8, 2011. Anything you order from the online book fair will be applied to the total for Kyrock. You may access the online book fair at Log on and check it out. Many books not at the book fair can be found at this site. You may also log on by following the link at Kyrock Elementary School Homepage-Faculty and Staff-Diane Reynolds-Online Book Fair.

We will also be having the wish list for teachers.  Please help us add books to your child’s classroom. Be sure and look for the wish list when you visit the book fair. The wish list will also be available at the bookfair website.

Hope to see you at the bookfair!!!!!!!!!

Diane Reynolds


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March 28-April 1, 2010-2011 Week 2

March 28-April 1, 2011

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March 28-April 1, 2010-2011 Week 2