Much Ado About Nothing Cast and Crew List

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Much Ado about nothing Cast List Red Cast Blue Cast
Innogen Nikki Holt Dakota Chaney
Leonato Jacob Scott Seth Miller
Hero Allie Browning Kalie Love
Beatrice Hannah Potter Teresa Payne
Antonio Nathan Morgan Isaac Meredith
Anthony Sam Sutherland Dylan Chrisley
Margaret Joni Hedges Vivian Thomas
Ursula Morgan Vincent Hailey Masterson
Don Pedro Thomas Alvey Dylan McManus
Osric Nathaniel Rose
Count Claudio Xavian Johnson Cameron Vincent
Signior Benedick- Kolbe Hornback Mason Moore
Balthasar Rebecca Bugh Rebecca Bugh
Don John Kayla Ray Maddie Vautour
Iago Dakota Mills Haily Duvall
Borachio Dylan Lemieux Cody Richmond
Conrade Brianna Cowles Marisa Bishop
Dogberry Tiffany Adams Rob Hogan
Verges Brooke Davis Kennith Jones
George Seacoal Lillian Houchens Dustie Davis
First Watchman Haley Tarter J.D. Suttle
Second Watchman/Hugh Oatcake Desiree Feltner Jacob Pate
3rd Watchman Monica Gregory Alex Martinez
4th Watchman Katlyn Joiner Patrick Cowles
Sexton Autumn Fresner Brianna Bryant
Friar Francis Brett Isenberg Nikia Tinkham
Messenger Bruce Tassin Kaci Thompson
Lady in Waiting Shana Crawford
Stage Manager Kirsten Richards Shelbi Suttle
Asst. Stage Manager Diane Wilson Gillian Vincent
Technical Director Kayla Boyd Kayla Boyd
Set Designer Brett Isenberg Jacob Pate
Costume Designer Kayla Hale Kayla Hale
Head Costumer Shana Crawford Brianna Bryant
Hair/Makeup Designer Deidre Lawler Deidre Lawler
Publicity Chair Kayla Ray Marisa Bishop
Prop Master Matt Reynolds Kaci Thompson
Sound Designer Madilynn Mencer Madilynn Mencer
Light Designer Callie Lesch Callie Lesch
Baby Wrangler TBA TBA
House Managers Morgan Vincent Maddie Vautour
Assistant Director Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson

Much Ado About Nothing Cast and Crew List

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Congratulations, you’ve been cast in a play!!  Most of you did an excellent job in auditions and I’m very pleased with the applicant pool.  If you have any questions, confusions or concerns, please let me know.  I reserve the right to alter the cast list if you don’t take the read through seriously this week.  Come prepared with a script, pencil and highlighter tomorrow!

P.S.  It has been my experience that the list doesn’t always post correctly the first time around, so if this link doesn’t work, I’m trying to fix it.  Don’t freak out!!!!!!!


much ado cast and crew list


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I’m putting on my Pollyanna hat and assuming that at some time in the future we will go back to school and this is what we shall do:

AP:  In class essay 2

Eng IV:  Continue work on Macbeth



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If Snowpocalypse II doesn’t befall us tomorrow:

AP:  Multiple Choice quiz

Eng IV:  Work on Macbeth project.  Presentations begin Tuesday.


Drama:  Continue auditions.


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Due to tomorrow’s testing insanity, I doubt I will see most of you until after lunch, but if I do….

Eng IV will continue work on Macbeth.

Drama will continue auditions.

Good luck on the ACT juniors!


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Library time for English classes!

AP:  Draft 3 of your research paper is due.  Be prepared to turn in all elements of the paper I haven’t already graded with a sticker.

Eng IV:  Continue work on Macbeth project, which is due in a week.

Current Events:  Continue covering everything with shrubbery and cleaning out the girls’ dressing room.

Drama:  AUDITIONS BEGIN!  Don’t forget your audition form and headshot!


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Drama Minions!  By the time we get back, I will expect you to have a working knowledge of Much Ado and be ready to ask intelligent questions and to take a test over the rest of the play.  I’d really like to have auditions this week, so be thinking about what part you’d like to have on and off stage and why.  Scrounge up a head shot and, if you really want to be in serious contention for a lead, memorize a piece from the show for the audition.

AP Minions!  At least the second draft of your research paper should be finished, you’ve had plenty of time to work on it.  The third draft is due NEXT WEEK!!!

Please pass this info on to your compadres who don’t follow me on Twitter.

I miss you all!


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This is my 400th post.  Do I get an award?  A pony or a moolatte, perhaps?

AP IV:  Multiple choice quiz

Eng IV:  Lab time to work on research paper, all of which is due on THURSDAY!!

Current Events:  Mr. V.  Enough said.

Drama:  Read Act III.  Quiz on Thursday.



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For tomorrow:

AP Eng:  Multiple Choice

Eng IV:  Lab for bibliography work

Current Events: Let’s design a set

Drama:  Top 8 Monologue Madness w/ my favorite attorney as judge


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On Monday:

All English classes will have library time to work on their research papers.  AP students should be finished with 100 index cards.  Eng IV students should be ready to self or peer conference on their first draft.

Current Events will finish the Joss Whedon Much Ado

Drama:  Finish top 8 Monologue Madness Round, discuss and take a quiz over Much Ado Act I.

you can earn 100 bonus points if you creatively pass me a note on Monday that includes your name and the phrase “We defy augury!”

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