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For Tomorrow:

AP IV:  Everyone needs to share their thesis statement and show me an outline for their lit crit paper

Eng II:  Completing research paper bibliographies in the lab

Current Events:  Finish the Branagh Much Ado

Drama:  Finish round 3 of Monologue Madness


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AP:  Small group essay 3

Eng IV:  Research, make sure you have your index cards

Current Events:  Continue reading “Much Ado”

Drama:  Monologue Madness is in full swing.  Check out the link to the current bracket on the right of this page.


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FAFSA and Research paper work in the library for all English classes

AP:  Must have read your novel and developed a thesis statement!

Eng IV:  Must have 50 index cards and developed an outline to go with your thesis statement!

Current Events:  Will Beatrice and Benedick profess their love for one another?  Will Don Juan ruin the wedding?  Will the Prince always be relegated to the friend zone?

Drama:  Monologue Madness is almost upon us!



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For Tomorrow:

AP:  Have written at least 4 thesis statements based on various types of lit crit

Eng IV:  Have 50 index cards.  Will determine what kind of sources are reliable.

Current Events:  Much Ado Shenanigans continue.

Drama:  Work that monologue, baby!


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Everyone needs to post a comment to this blog or give me a shout out on Twitter @ECHSdrama this week for 100 points.

AP IV:  We’ll work on the 3rd AP essay.  Bring in a copy of your novel and your 100 index cards.

Eng IV:  You must have  written thesis statement or question as well as 50 index cards and the handout you got in class today about scratching the itch

Current Events:  We’ll continue reading Much Ado.  Bring a binder or folder with brads in it for your script.

Drama:  Memorize your monologues like the wind!  Madness starts Tuesday!


P.S.  My computer keeps trying to auto-correct ECHSdrama as psychodrama.  Hmmmm……


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Hopefully you can post comments here.


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I know Christmas break starts in less than 24 hours, but you must REMAIN CALM!!!!  FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!!

Ask me about going to see Beauty and the Beast in February!

AP:  Discuss lit crit options

Eng IV:  Finish Hamlet, take the test

Current Events:  Fill mugs, reveal ourselves to the ELFS

Drama:  DON’T FREAK OUT!!  Discuss monologue choices



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Now that our winter shows have closed, I think we’ll be able to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday is club day.  Wear corduroy if you feel led.

AP IV:  Multiple choice quiz.   I know you’ve been missing them.

Eng IV:  Continue Hamlet

Current Events:  Make Christmas gifts

Drama:  Here is where we separate the wheat from the chaff!  HOLY GRAIL begins!


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AP:  Continue Fences

Eng II:

  1. Family Tree
  2. Who’s Who list
  3. Revenge Handout
  4. Video

Current Events:  Sew like the wind!

Drama:  Calm down.  Go over your lines.  Make sure you know what you’re supposed to bring to the dinner.



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For Monday:

Library for everyone but Drama.

AP IV:  Work on applications and scholarships

Eng IV:  Continue Lord of the Flies through ch 6.  Fill out snapshot worksheet

Current Events:  Finish choosing buddies, finalize project plans.

Drama:  Character work.  What does your character want?


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