Vintage Baseball vs. Modern Baseball

Vintage Baseball vs. Modern Baseball

by: Gabriel Lindsey


          Babe Ruth once said, “ Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” The world says that baseball is America’s  favorite pastime.   Though this may be true, the game has undergone many changes since its beginning in 1845. There are also many similarities between modern day baseball and vintage baseball.

         There is an indefinite amount of changes that have taken place in the last 171 years of baseball. Many rules have been altered to make more sense to viewers and fans  of the game. Some of these changes include: there used to be twelve teams and now there are thirty, there was a fifty- foot mound instead of a sixty- foot mound, and the first team to twenty-one wins instead of the team with the most points at the end of the ninth inning. As a pitcher, the two most important rule changes for me would be that nine balls were a walk instead of four and in 1901, foul balls were considered strikes. Even after the rules were calibrated, every player wants to do their absolute best and win.

       There are also many similarities between vintage baseball and modern-day baseball. One of the similarities include that a team is only allowed 9 positions on the field at a time. This makes it easier for hitters to get on base. Another important rule that hasn’t changed over the years is that a team  has to get three outs before they  can change sides. This is one of the most important rules in baseball because it limits the other team from scoring a lot of runs in one inning. Outs are another major rule that has stayed the same. If a player  catches a fly ball, it is an out. It has been that way since the 1800’s and has not been modified at all.

       Even though the changes in baseball caused a lot of controversy, many people still enjoy the sport. Players adapt to these changes and have fun playing the game that they love. Changes are still occurring today and players and fans alike will just have to prepare for more to come. The game is still exciting, with either modified rules or unmodified rules.

Summer vs. Winter

Summer vs. Winter

By: Jenny Patel


          Charles Dickens once said, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Summer and winter are both beautiful seasons. Which season do you prefer more: summer or winter? There are lots of similarities between the two, but there are also lots of differences.

         Summer and winter share quite a few similarities. They both are enjoyed by people. During both seasons, people play outside with their friends and family. People also stay inside, in both seasons, because of the temperature. In summer it is too hot, and in winter it is too cold. Another similarities is that both of them are someone’s favorite season.

        However, summer and winter are very different. Winter is the season in which people wear long sleeves and pants. Though, in the summer people wear short sleeves and shorts. In summer you can play golf, football, baseball, soccer, etc., but in winter you can’t. On the other hand, in winter you can play ice hockey and ice skating outside, and in the summer you can’t. Some summer activities include swimming, biking, and drinking lemonade. Sledding, skiing, and drinking hot chocolate are winter activities.

      Summer and winter are both wonderful seasons. Some people like summer better, and others like winter best. There are lots of similarities and lots of differences between the two seasons. Winter is the coldest season, and summer is the hottest season. Which season do you like better: summer or winter? Gary Zukav once said, “We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.”

Basketball in the Past vs. Basketball in the Present

Basketball in the Past vs. Basketball in the Present

By: Lauren Ballance

       “I have failed over and over again in my life, and that is why today, I succeed.” This is a quote from Michael Jordan, probably the best basketball player of all time. However, basketball was around before he was. Have you ever wondered about the evolution of basketball? Basketball in the past and basketball in the future acquire a few of the same similarities, along with numerous differences. Before doing the research, I had no idea that basketball had changed so much since the introduction of the game until now. However, even among all of these differences, everyone still desires to win.


        Basketball in the past and basketball now include some of the same similarities. In both time periods, you can not run with the ball. Also, passing is the same now as it was then. Rules about passing from  say, “The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.” This rule is still around today. Passing is still used to move the ball to another player on the court. Another similarity is,  there was a three second area in the past, and there is one now. This is ordinarily called the lane, and a player on offense cannot linger in this area for more than three seconds. One more similarity includes, fouls were in place.  This prohibits a player from hitting, pushing, tripping, or impairing players in other physical ways. The player that committed the foul gets punished, and this also results in punishing the team that they play for. All of these things take place in this present day sport and in when this sport was played in the past.

         Even though there are a few similarities, these two topics differ in a lot of ways too. In the past, when a team played they first could have as many players as they wanted to. This was later changed to nine. These positions included: a right wing, a right center, a right guard, a home, a center, a  goalkeeper, a left wing, a left center, and a left guard. Today, we have five players on the court at one time. These positions normally consist of a: point guard, shooting guard, two forwards, and a center, however, this can differ from team to team. Another difference, among many, is that in the past you could not re-enter the game if you were taken out. In the present, you can re-enter the game as many times as your coach wants you to. Speaking of coaches, did you know that coaching was only allowed during half-time in the past? According to, this is the case. Free throws have also changed. They have changed from being 21-feet away and anyone being able to shoot them, to being 15-feet away and the person that was fouled has to shoot them. Another difference is with women’s basketball. The website I have referenced before in my article says, “In 1971 women were finally allowed to play full court.” So, this means that in the past, they were not allowed to play full court. Now, we know this isn’t the case. Women’s basketball is now played in high schools all over the U.S., colleges, and there is a women’s NBA league.

     It is important to see how basketball has advanced and developed into the sport and the game it is today. Basketball is the same in a few ways, but like I have mentioned, there are many differences. Amidst the differences I have informed you about, there are many others. These differences include changes in: dunking, offensive basket interference, goal tending, center jump, and many other things. Contrasting from these differences, the main goal is the same. Everyone wants to put the ball in the hoop. Imagine if basketball wouldn’t have initiated or developed into the game it is today. If this would’ve been the case, would basketball have as many fans and great players as it includes today?




The 8th graders at ECMS have completed their first major writing assignment!  They completed narrative writing based upon someone in their life they considered to be a “hero.”  As a teacher, I was touched and moved by many of the stories that these students chose to share.  Some were heart-breaking, some were funny, and some were suspenseful, but they all demonstrated the potential that these students have to be great writers.  Several pieces were submitted to the Edmonson County Fair and will be on display in the display barns.  I encourage you all to visit the fair and to read some of the pieces submitted by this community of writers.  In the coming days, there will be some published word from students appearing on our classroom blog.  This will hopefully be a way for students to share their thoughts, views, and hard work with the world!

September Narratives

The month of August flew by so quickly!  It’s hard to believe that today marks a new month on the calendar.  The first few weeks of school, our class focused on grammar, capitalization, traits of good writing, and the steps of the writing process.  However, this week we are gearing up to begin our first major writing piece.  Students will be writing about someone in our community they consider a hero.  These writing pieces will go through all the steps of the writing process.  They will be used not only as a classroom grade, but some pieces will be selected to compete as submissions in the Edmonson County Fair.

Narrative 1 prompt_First Nine Weeks

Tech Savvy

This week our class has been putting the schools Chromebooks into overdrive.  Students have been able to begin working on to practice their language arts skills.  Students with internet access at home are encouraged to login to their account at home to continue getting in extra practice on those skills!  Even a few minutes of practice a day will go a LONG way in improvement!   Students should know their information to log in.

Today we also began working with Google Drive and using Google Classroom.  Using these two powerful tools, students were able to collaboratively edit a classroom document as well as interact with each other via our “classroom”.  Today was just to get their “feet wet” using Google Classroom, but as the year progresses we will be completing assignments using different web tools.


Welcome to my classroom blog! This website will serve as place for students, parents, and teachers to stay updated with what is happening in our classroom.  I will post updates for classroom activities (tests, quizzes, papers due) as well as links for study help.  I will occasionally post recommended reading for students who want to grow as writers.  Who knows?  Maybe soon I will have one of my students be a guest blogger for the day to showcase just what kind of writers we have here at Edmonson County Middle School.  I’m excited to share how much these students are learning!

Have a fabulous weekend!