Mrs. Jodi Johnson's Kindergarten

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Mrs. Jodi’s Kindergarten News

December 10-14, 2012

We are learning about:

Language Arts:  Jan Brett Books (author study)

Math:  Assessments in “Go Math” & mid-term

Theme:  Christmas customs 

Next Week’s Cans:

1)  I can follow left to right, top to bottom, & page to page.

2) I can segment and count syllables in a word.

3)  I can describe the position of objects in my environment using positional words (above, below, etc).


 ***Please write your child’s name in his/her jacket.  Many times they forget which one that they wore to school that day.

Dates to Remember:

*December 8 @ 8:00-12:00—Breakfast with Santa at Kyrock’s Lunch room.

*December 19-January 1—No School (Winter Break)

Things you may need to work on:

  • Not interrupting when two adults are talking.
  • Keeping hands to self on the rug, as well as in the hall.
  • Walking in line while refraining from hopping, skipping, jumping.


Questions to ask your child:

1.      How many reindeer does Santa have?


2.      Who is Frosty?


3.      What are two ways you can make others feel good around the holidays?


4.      What are two 3-D shapes we are studying?


5.      Which 3-D shape looks like a circle?


Vocabulary for our Christmas stories this week:









*It would be very beneficial to your child to establish a daily homework routine of 10 minutes per night.  Writing first name with only the first letter in uppercase, identifying shapes, identifying letters in their name– are all great lessons at home.