Mrs. Jodi Johnson's Kindergarten

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Our Number Rhymes

**We will be using number rhymes at school to help the children learn to write numbers correctly.  We will say the number rhyme out loud as we write the number.  Please keep this at home to help your child practice writing numbers.  


Straight down from the sun,

That’s the way to make a one!


 Around the track, the train goes, “choo,”

Now go back.  That’s the way to make a two.



Around the tree, around the tree,

That’s the way to make a three.



Come down and across and down once more,

That’s the way to make a four.



Come down and around.

Put a flag on top.  You’ve got a five so you can stop!



Old Mr. Six roll a hoop,

Come right down and make a loop!



Across the sky and down from heaven,

That’s the way to make a seven.



Make an “S”, but do not wait.

Come back up and that’s an eight!



Make a circle.

Make a line.  That’s the way to make a nine!



A one and a zero,

That’s a ten!  Do it over and over again.


I hope this helps to make learning fun at home.  ENJOY! 

Mrs. Jodi  J