Week 5-Room 104 reads “A Fox and a Kit” and studies Plants

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Room 104 will be rocking SCHOOL WEEK 5. Here is what we are studying:

ReadingAnimals Wild and Tame Unit 1 Week 4 A Fox and a Kit

Writing- Personal Narratives

Spelling– adding -s to words

Math– Chapter 1, Addition and Number Concepts, continues

Science-We will begin a unit of study about Plants

Social Studies-We are studying rules and being a good citizen.

Hello Parents and Fans of Room 104! This week will be a busy one! On Monday, Polly Produce will make her debut at Bulldon Bash and afterward,  it’s the boys turn to hear about Boy Scouts. Tuesday is picture day-wear your best outfit and smile! Friday-is Watermelon Day at South Edmonson. This is an old tradition at our school where the whole staff and school meet on the front lawn and enjoy the best fruit of the season. Come out and watch those seeds fly! I hope you have a great week-come visit when you can!!


Ms. Monica

"Come Join in the Circle"

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  1. April says:

    Sounds like a great week! I just wanted you to know how much we all enjoyed the picture book of Meredith that the kids drew on her “star” day. So neat to see how each little person sees everyone so differently! Great Idea:)

  2. monica.gallagher says:

    Thanks for the nice feedback! Star Student is one of the elements that help us to build classroom community, I’m really glad you enjoyed it, too.

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