“Happy Fair Week!” and “Thank You Grandparents!” from Room S.E.E Room 104

Posted by monica.gallagher | Uncategorized | Posted on September 12th, 2010

Everyone, staff and students alike, are excited about the Edmonson County Fair being in town this week and giving us a day off from school on Friday, September 17. Since we have no school on Friday, our spelling and reading tests will be on Thursday this week.  Before that, we have a lot of work to do this school week 7:

ReadingAnimals Wild and Tame Unit 1.6  Animal Park

Writing- Personal Narratives-we are working on adding emotions to our writings and publishing them.

Spelling– words with short /u/: run, cut, must, sun, up, jump, bump, bus, nut, rug; Bonus words: home,into,  many,them

Math– Chapter 2, Subtraction

Science-The students really love studying science. We have planted bean seeds and Brassica seeds. Brassica plants were developed by the University of Wisconsin to demonstrate the entire life cycle and parts of a plant in a species that grows very quickly.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the grandparents that visited on Friday. We had a wonderful crowd! Will Garner’s grandmother even drove all the way from Tennessee. Since I am not an Edmonson Co. native, I do not know all the connections of families and relatives, but events like Grandparents Day Breakfast are helping me to learn!

With Parent-Teacher conferences coming up on Thursday, September 30, there is the enevitable question “How is my child doing?” I can’t wait to discuss the progress of our class with all of the parents. A quick preview that I wanted to share is this: On one of the measuring scales, Kindergarten students are expected to get from reading level A (books with only pictures) to level 3. In P-2 or First Grade, students are expected to get from level 4 to level 16. That is a tremendous jump! While most students do well in Kindergarten, there is a lot of hard work and progress that needs to be made in order to meet benchmarks in First Grade.

Have a great week and look for our class’ fair projects when you visit the barn on Fair Day!