Week 11-Gearing up for Fall Fun!

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Hello from Room 104! Here is what is on tap for school week 11:

ReadingCommunities- Unit 2.3  Who Work’s Here?

Writing- Friendly Letters

Spelling– words with long /i/, silent e: like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite                      BONUS WORDS: live, out, people, who, work

Math– Chapter 2, Subtraction. We will finish up the chapter with a test.

Science-The students really love studying science. Our Brassica plants have formed flowers and are beginning to develop seedpods.

Thanks for everyone who participated in Parent Teacher conferences, they were a huge success.

Here are some important dates and events coming up:

1:30 p.m. Friday, October 29, 2010- HALLOWEEN PARTY                    Our class has decided to have a pizza party! We would ask that each child brings in $2.00 to cover the price of the pizza and drinks by Monday, Oct. 25. Mrs. Jessica Parsley has volunteered to make the cupcakes for our party. If you would like to send in an additional treat, please do so anytime throughout the week of Halloween, October 25-29. Please keep in mind our allergy alert and avoid all products with nuts. I will also be giving prizes for these categories: best original costume, funniest costume and scariest costume.

6:00 p.m. Thursday, November 4, 2010- P.T.O. Meeting                                                                                        Our first grade team will be performing at the PTO meeting! We will be preforming two numbers. One is the Turkey Wobble and the other is Scarecrow, Scarecrow. We will make turkey head dresses at school. We are asking parents to help their child dress as a scarecrow. If you would like your child to participate, please sign the orange form that was placed in folders on Friday and return to school. Students should be dressed and at school, meet in our classroom, by 5:45.

5:00 p.m., Friday November 19, 2010- FALL FESTIVAL                                                                                      South Edmonson’s annual Fall Festival will be held in November this year. Our PTO has made the decision to do a basket auction fund raiser. More details will be coming, but I wanted to inform everyone of our basket theme: Family Dinner. This can include anything for the kitchen or cooking dinner for a family.

I want to express my sincere thanks for all the support and positive feedback I  have received so far this year. As we begin our holiday season, I know there will be  more opportunities for volunteers and requests for supports with programs. I look forward to working with everyone to make our holidays fun.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Do you want us to make costumes for our children or will you be making them at school? Thanks in advance for the info! Also, thanks for making 1st grade such a wonderful experience for our family!

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