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Our class will celebrate Dr. Seuss and “Read Across America” this week in Room 104.  This is an event sponsored by the National Education Association that asks everyone to stop and celebrate books and reading on  March 2, the birthdate of  Dr. Seuss. Here is the link for more information: . I would like to invite anyone who is availabe to come read their favorite book in our room on Wednesday. This is a wonderful day where students get to enjoy guests read books all day long. Last year we had 15 guests, including our superintendent, our principal and several parents. Please take a few minutes and come read to our class! If  Wednesday doesn’t work for you, any day this week would still be great!

Here is what First Grade will be studying this week:

READING- Unit 4.3- “Mr. Bones”  Besides Dr. Seuss, we will revist the subject of dinsaurs this week in our reading group books and our hardback story.  

SPELLING- lists for every story can be viewed on the SPELLING LISTS  tab on the S.E.E. homepage

 WRITING- Literary Stories-We  have begun writing fiction stories. Ask your child to write you a story that begins “Once upon a time….”  We continue to work with problem/solution.

MATH-Chapter 4- Graphs and Charts

SOCIAL STUDIES-We will be continuing our study of ART. Our class is working with Mr. A to enter paintings into an art contest that features endangered animals. Ask your child what animal they choose.

I hope everyone saw the back page of The Edmonson News this week. Our class is featured for collecting the most pull-tabs for Ronald McDonald House. I would like to thank everyone who helped us win and please keep sending them in–we are still collecting!

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  1. Heather Parsley says:

    Mrs. Monica, Wednesdays are my day off and I would like to come and read a book. I can bring a Dr. Seuss book from home if I knew which one is not being read yet. What is a good time. I was meaning to get in touch with you already about volunteering this wk on Wednesday. Is 12:00 or 12:30 ok?

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