First Grade Schedules a Field Trip to Kentucky Down Under

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Room 104 has Sprang Forward after a wonderfully warm weekend of sunshine and is ready for a great week of learning. An important date has been added to the list at the bottom, we have scheduled a field trip to Kentucky Down Under on Friday, April 29. I hope everyone can make plans and go with us. 

Here is what First Grade will be studying this week:

READING- Unit 4.5- “Peter’s Chair”  and an author study of Ezra Jack Keats

SPELLING- lists for every story can be viewed on the SPELLING LISTS  tab on the S.E.E. homepage

 WRITING- Literary Stories-We finish our study of writing fiction stories. Ask your child to write you a story that begins “Once upon a time….”  We are still working on developing  problem/solution.

MATH-Chapter 5- “Number Patterns to 100” (Place Value)

SOCIAL STUDIES-We focus on the family once again, as our stories focus on sibling jealousy and family.

Please be informed of  fundraisers that will be happening!  First, I am proud to work as captain for SEE’s Relay for Life Team. We have a great team this year and efforts are in full swing to raise money for the American Cancer Society. We all have families and friends that have  been touched by cancer in one way or another.  Please support our team and participate in these upcoming events!


  • **MARCH 7-16 GORDON FOOD SERVICE Dessert Orders-Our PTO is sponsoring this Spring fundraiser that offers free PE passes to any student who sells 10 dessert items. All orders and money are due  March 16. We must have all orders in by 3:oo on that date, so we may place our order with GFC. Sorry, no late orders can be taken. Please put your child’s teacher’s name and room number on every order form.  These orders will be available for parent’s to pick up on Saturday, April 2. Mark your calendars for that date, which is Class Basketball Tournament Day, too!
  • **Thursday, March 17th–St. Patrick’s Day Treats-Our Relay for Life Team is now  taking orders for large twister pops that cost $2.00 and will be delivered on St. Patrick’s Day!
  • **Friday, March 25 is PAJAMA DAY! Donate $1.00 and wear your pajamas to school.
  • Also, look for our 2nd Annual PENNY WARS coming in April!


  • Thursday, March 17th-5:30-7:00 “Math in Motion” a freeevening program, sponsored by our Family Resource Center, P.T.O. and Title I,  for parents and students to explore the fun world of math!
  • Friday, March 25th-Third Grading Period Ends
  • Thursday, March 31st-Grade Cards Go Home
  • Saturday, April 2-Class Basketball Tournaments and GFS Fund Raiser pick-up
  •  **April 7-10-SPRING BREAK**
  • Friday, April 22-Earth Day
  • Friday, April 29-First Grade FIELD TRIP to Kentucky Down Under-more details to come!

Hope everyone has a great week! Leave a comment, suggestion or snide remark. =)

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  1. Heather Parsley says:

    Mrs. Monica, We are excited about the field trip. My kids have never been to Kentucky Down Under and had intentions to go this year so this worked out great for us. I work in Horse Cave, just minutes from KY Down Under and when you find out what time the class will be arriving please send me a message since I plan to come from work. Thanks so much.

  2. April Starnes says:

    Hey, my husband went last year with Dalton to the Kentucky Down Under field trip and said that when you stopped to eat lunch it was on the other side of the park, so the parents weren’t able to buy any lunch for themselves. Is that how it’s going to be this year, do we need to bring a lunch with us?

  3. monica.gallagher says:

    Hello! Last year was my first time on the fieldtrip, so I feel a lot better this year and way more informed. I think the best thing to do is to pack your own lunch. There is a gift shop that serves food, and you are welcomed to take Olivia there if you prefer, anytime during the day. They do have a nice covered picnic area with plenty of tables for us all to eat together. The park will take our lunches and store them at the area until we are ready for lunch. A couple of parents left lunches in their vehicles last year and they had to hike all the way out to get them and back. Same with going to get food at the park. The picnic area is a hike away from where they sell food. It seemed to work best if we can all eat together. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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