Room 104 will have a Guest Teacher this week!

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Room 104 charges into the first week of Spring! Please remind students that Mrs. Nancy Sanders will be a guest teacher this Thursday as I attend a professional development program. This week we will focus on assessments and finishing current units of study in order to complete the grading period this Friday. Please refer to last week’s post for other import calendar dates and information. Plesase let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Here is what First Grade will be studying this week:

READING- Unit 4.6- “Henry and Mudge”  

SPELLING- lists for every story can be viewed on the SPELLING LISTS  tab on the S.E.E. homepage

WRITING- We will have a week of review of genres as we assess for the end of the grading period.

MATH-Chapter 5- “Number Patterns to 100” (Place Value)

SOCIAL STUDIES-We will reflect on our treasures as we end this unit. What does your child treasure?

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  1. Jamie Edwards says:

    Ok, just so you know, I’m really nervous about the testing this week!! So I guess we will see how he does!!

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