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Hello! A mid-week note about our CLASS BASKETBALL GAMES on Saturday. First, a big THANK YOU to Ms. Shelly for finding us a bargain on the t-shirts. Several parents have volunteered to pay, but I split the cost with her, so no payments needed. I thought it would be so wonderful if everyone let their child wear the shirt on Friday-we want to look like a team and get everyone fired up for the games. A revised schedule was sent home on yellow paper today, I hope everyone received a copy. We will meet in the lobby 15 minutes before the start of your child’s game. Because some classes did not have enough students to form a team, our girls could be playing two games. I hope to see everyone on Saturday–go Bulldogs of Room 104! (At least we can all cheer for a similar team once in awhile! 😉

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  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for the shirt ladies!! They are super cute! We can’t wait for the ball games. After watching these kids play in little league this year you should have a power house of boys! It will be interesting to see them play together…………Colby was the only one of your kids on his team this year, but we played some other great ones from your group! 🙂

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