April 25-29 Testing on THURSDAY this week and Tie-Dye T-shirts!

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Konichiwa! It is Saturday afternoon here at the Gallagher household. I have been working all morning on our tie-dye t-shirts and they look  AWESOME! Our class will wear our shirts for our field trip on Friday. Should I send these home Thursday with the students or change into them once students get to school on Friday morning? I like parents to know what they are wearing, but I also want 100% of the students to wear them to Kentucky Down Under. The tie-dyeing idea is from my own elementary school experience. My 4th grade teacher did this same project with us in the old method of building a fire and heating a huge kettle  of water to complete the dyeing process outside. This is one of my favorite memories from elementary school and I have always used the idea in my own classroom each year. The shirts are so cool and they also help identify the students for supervision during field trips and field day.

SPECIAL NOTE: I hope everyone saw on the newsletter that we will do spelling and reading tests on Thursday this week, due to the field trip on Friday.

READING-Unit 5.4 Simple Machines

SPELLING-“oi”  and “oy” words. This and all lists for each unit can be found on the SEE Homepage http://see.edmonson.k12.ky.us/spelling_lists.html  Every student on last weeks test made 100+% on the Spelling Test AGAIN last Friday! WAY TO GO!

WRITING- Our study of Poetry concludes as we review and assess our learning.

MATH-Chapter 10- “Measurement and Telling Time” Last week ended up being a review

SCIENCE-Our herb plants are growing! We have been caring for about 200 seedlings, who will be sold at Relay for life May 13.

Hope everyone has a great week–see everyone Friday!

Here's My Shirt!

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