One BIG THANK YOU, one last day and saying Good-Bye to the DREAM!

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Hello Parents! I would like to thank each of you for such a wonderful year. Our students had outstanding growth and learned so much!  I am proud of our success as a class and of the fact that I, as a teacher, continue to learn and grow, too.  I am so fortunate to have worked with Mrs. Lisa this year. She has such a kind and warm manner. She has reminded me daily of the important part of teaching called compassion. She is on a beach somewhere enjoying her grandkids and family and helping me to focus on my own beach vacation to come in July. I love you Mrs. Lisa!

I would like to thank three special parent volunteers: Shelly Garner, Amy Farmer and Jamie Edwards. These ladies came in weekly and sometimes daily to help out in our classroom. They have done everything from copies and stuffing folders to serving ice cream and researching endangered species of Kentucky! The Farmers also helped me to supply our class with a sharp pencil at any moment. Since I want our students to have the opportunity to read or write at  any given minute of the school day, we can’t be hindered by such things as pencil sharpeners or broken leads. The Farmer family sharpened baggies of pencils every week! Indeed, all of our parents have been an outstanding group and I have been honored to work with you. Ms. Shelly made sure our class had EVERYTHING we needed including marbles, totes, snacks and t-shirts! Our parents have helped with providing our class with outstanding supplies and snacks to t-shirts and a turtle for the day! I know that the success Room 104 has experienced is due to the outstanding support from home and parents. Our entire class also averaged 100+ percent in spelling this year-you parents also know how to help your children study! Our team also completed 17 end-of-year conferences-that is amazing parental support!  I have referred to my job and this class as a ‘dream’ all year and it truly has been a wonderful experience. I  will be at school on Tuesday, May 31 to finish paperwork and to pack and clean. Then, I will be officially off-duty for the summer–hope everyone has a safe and fun summer with their kids and I will see you all in the halls in August!


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Thanks to everyone who participated and help raise funds for South Edmonson’s Relay for Life Team. Although the main event was moved indoors, we had a fun time and a successful event on Friday night. I am proud to say that we ranked in the top three teams of the county, again this year. We have meet our goal, raised over $5,000 and helped Edmonson County to a total of more than $60,000. Those are amazing numbers for our small community! Our herb plants sold very well, but we still have some left. Do you like cooking with fresh herbs? Do you like plants that are easy to grow and can self-seed next year? We have plenty of BASIL and PARSLEY plants free to a good home.

I am pleased to report that we have completed four end-of-year conferences and have more scheduled for this week. I am so proud to report our progress and hard work this year. It is not too late to come in and discuss your child. I even have to work on Saturday, May 21 and would be so happy to leave any meetings that I may be attending to come conference with parents! Please let me know if you would like to come in.

We have completed our last hardback  book in reading so there will be no more reading  or spelling tests!  YEAH! We will spend these last two weeks reviewing all we have learned and completing projects. Please look for some very important work coming home including: writier’s notebooks, poetry notebooks, science notebooks, and watermelon plants.

READING-review and assess

SPELLING-review and assess

WRITING- We finish our study, Reflective Writing as we look back and think about our growth as writers this year.

MATH-Chapter 10- “Measurement and Telling Time”  This week-TIME

SOCIAL STUDIES-Friends and school comminity

I truly hope that you will encourage your child to read AND write all summer long. I  believe that reading and writing go hand and hand and that writing is just as important as reading.  We will be studying telling time these final two weeks, which has been a difficult subject for students to learn. This should also be practiced over ther summer. Try to find real-world learning situations for your child to practice reading, writing and math. Go to the library and check out lots of  books, let your child write the grocery list,  figure our how much two pounds of bananas would be, read food labels and WRITE about everything your family does this summer! I asked the students to write me letters and I promise to write back if they do. I hope everyone has a great summer. I have so ejoyed working with all of our students and families. Ihave shared with the students that I know they are ready to move on to 2nd grade, but I will ALWAYS be their 1st grade teacher and they can always count on me for anything they need.  Keep in touch!

May arrives for Room 104

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Happy May! I can’t believe we have so swiftly arrived at the last month of school. Thanks to everyone who came to the field trip to Kentucky Down Under on Friday. With the wonderful weather we had a great time! We will also go on a short field trip this Friday to the farm at Edmonson County High School. Looks for details in folders on Monday as well as the newsletter for the week. Have a great week!

READING-Unit 5.5  Alexander Graham Bell

SPELLING-“aw” words. This and all lists for each unit can be found on the SEE Homepage 

WRITING- We begin our final study, Reflective Writing as we look back and think about our growth as writers this year.

MATH-Chapter 10- “Measurement and Telling Time” 

SCIENCE-Our herb plants are growing!