First Week was GREAT!

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Room 104 began a new school year this week and it went great! We added two more students, which brings us to 24 total. I would also like to welcome Ms. Joyce Vincent and Ms. Danita Elmore to our room. Ms. Joyce will be working with two of our students and Mrs. Elmore will work with all First Grade Classrooms. We are looking forward to having the extra hands and help in our room. I would also, again, like to express my thanks for all the wonderful supplies we received. We have everything we need, except for snacks. We eat lunch at 11:00 and have snack/recess everyday at 9:30 and 1:15. If students do not have a snack, they get really hungry by 11:00. Some parents have sent snacks for their own children, but some parents don’t. I like to have something for every child. If the weather does not allow us to go out, which it was too hot one day last week, we have snack in the hallway. If students don’t bring a snack they are left out. Here are some good ideas: packs of Oreos or any cookies, boxes of crackers, small packages of chips, fruit roll-ups or fruits snacks, bags of pretzels, boxes of graham crackers or Little Debbies, etc..


READING- Look for small, reading group book in folder every Monday and the reading log which should be initialed every night after homework is completed.  Unit 1.1  Sam, Come Back!  is our first hard book story of the year.  Hardback stories will be homework every Tuesday and Wednesday.

SPELLING– short a words. This and all lists for each unit can be found on the SEE Homepage   Spelling homework will be on Thursday and to study for the tests we have on Friday.

WRITING- is completed everyday in our room. For now, we are learning the procedures and process of writing in our Writer’s Notebooks. If something significant happens at home (loose a tooth, get a new pet, go somewhere fun, etc…) remind your child “that would be great to write about tomorrow at school!” This will help them have authentic things to write about it.

MATH-Chapter 1- “Addition Concepts” We have a new math series called GO Math! and I am very excited to begin this study.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES- We begin a unit on plants in Science. This week we focus on rules and good citizenship for Social Studies.

This is an exciting time in education in our country and state as we have been charged with implementing new National Standards in English/Language Arts and Math. What this means for our teachers and students is hard work as we try to teach and learn at a higher level. For parents, you will see a focus on what students are learning and whether or not they have learned it. Each week on the newsletter you will now see “I CAN” statements. This will tell you what the week’s focus will be and see if your child has achieved it by week’s end. I look forward to sharing more information about this as the year progresses.

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  1. Jason and Andrea Webb says:

    Just wanted to leave a note to let you know we were seeing your blog. Callie has had a great time with you this week! The first of the week was hairy but is better now the she is more comfortable! Thanks for all you do!!!

  2. Daniel and Melissa Johnson says:

    We love your blog! Claudia has already practiced with the spelling test feature. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop!

  3. Stew and Mandy says:

    We HEART the blog! GREAT way to keep us in the loop! We’ll send in some snacks on Monday. Thanks!

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