Unit 1 Week 2

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Room 104 completed another great week! Routines and procedures are becoming solid and we are beginning to work together very well. Highlights from last week include writing time outside and getting our marble jar filled for compliments.


READING-  Unit 1.2  Pig in a Wig  is our hardback story for the week.  Hardback stories will be homework every Tuesday and Wednesday.

SPELLING– “short i” words. This and all lists for each unit can be found on the SEE Homepage http://see.edmonson.k12.ky.us/spelling_lists.html   Spelling homework will be on Thursday and to study for the tests we have on Friday.

WRITING- We begin our study of Personal Narratives. If something significant happens at home (loose a tooth, get a new pet, go somewhere fun, etc…) remind your child “that would be great to write about tomorrow at school!” This will help them have authentic things to write about it.

MATH-Chapter 1- “Addition Concepts” continues.

SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES- We begin a unit on plants in Science. This week we focus on rules and good citizenship for Social Studies.

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