HALLOWEEN is upon us!

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This week’s study will include these LEARNING TARGETS:

I can spell words with long o and silent e                 

I can read contractions with n’t, ‘ll and ‘m .

Students are required to learn to spell the list of words AND also apply the o__e (CVCe) pattern to read new words. Look for a list of words to practice reading in addition to the spelling word list on the newsletter. Our text book story will be The Big Circle and will feature the kid-friendly topic, dinosaurs.

I can use addition strategies.

We will begin GO MATH! Chapter 3 this week. Look for daily work and ensure that your child is understanding new concepts.

Our class theme for Halloween is “spiders.” Students have been working on learning and writing spider facts. We have completed our two spider crafts and  are ready for a celebration on Friday. So far, we have one bag of candy sticks, cake pops and mini-cupcakes promised. If you would like to post what you would like to contribute, others can see what we have and what we still need for the party.

I appreciate all the wonderful support of our class. If you are reading this blog, please leave a comment or just leave your name! I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

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