Thanksgiving gives us time for a Secret Art Project!

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Hello Parents!
I was planning what Room 104 will be doing for the upcoming two-days and have come up with a top-sercret art project for us to work on together. I could use some help from parents by donating any left-over Halloween candy! The best things would be nerds, skittels, or any hard, colorful candies. Also need colorful cereals like Trix, Crunch Berries, and the new product Fruit Loop Straws. If you have any of these and could donate, please send to school tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to share our finished project!!!!
PS here is a hint:

My Christmas Favorite!







Christmas Party Sign-Up:

•cupcakes-1. cake pops-Edwards 2. C. Webb
cookies-1. Talley 2. ______________ 3. _________________
drinks– 1. Clemons 2. _______________ 3. _________________
candy-1.______________ 2. _______________ 3. __________________
punch-Ms. Monica-I will make Wassail punch
tablecloth, plates, napkins, and cups-Hagan

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and here is to a wonderful week!


Week of Review-November 14 (and 21)

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Hello from Room 104! We would like to thank our visitors last week. We had several teams of administrators come visit every classroom and observe all grade levels. I am very proud of our class and our learning. We received glowing reviews and made our principal very proud!

We have been busy finishing up our Reading Unit 2 and will participate in end-of-unit assessments and some re-teaching and        re-assessments. We want to make sure all students have achieved learning targets before we move on. I use data from assessments to help drive our instruction. This could/will mean the reorganization of reading groups, station groups, and maybe even desk placement in our class.

We have adopted an angel for the holiday season! This is a program our school participates in every holiday season. Children in the program are S.E.E. students whose families are in need of holiday assistance.  Our angel is a girl, age 9. Here are her sizes:

  • coat-8, one donated
  • shirt-8, one donated
  • pants-9
  • dress-n/a
  • shoes-6
  • Toys-CareBares, Operation Game, anything Barbie–a Barbie House has been donated

Thanks to the family who has already kicked off this project! Please send all donations unwrapped to school before December 9. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will keep the list updated on this blog and on our Room 104 page on FaceBook. Thank you in advance for your help!

The angel has got me thinking about the upcoming holidays. I would  like to start an electronic sign-up sheet for our Christmas party. I am not one of those people who skip Thanksgiving, but I am also a planner!

  • cupcakes-1. cake pops-Edwards   2.__________________
  • cookies-1.______________  2. ______________   3. _________________
  • drinks- 1.______________  2. _______________   3. _________________
  • candy-1.______________  2. _______________   3. __________________
  • punch-Ms. Monica-I will make Wassail punch
  • tablecloth-___________________________________
  • cups-_______________________________________
  • plates-_______________________________________
  • napkins-_____________________________________

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I hope everyone has a great week. Leave a comment!!