Room 104 goes SEUSS crazy!

Posted by monica.gallagher | Uncategorized | Posted on February 21st, 2012

It is that time of year–March 2nd will be Dr. Seuss’ birthday! As you may remember from December, I am a big fan of all things Seuss. We are super excited about the new “Lorax”  movie coming out. Our generous South Edmonson PTO is rewarding us with a school-wide field trip to see the movie ON Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Friday, March 2. I can’t wait! To celebrate, we have begun to study the good Dr. Seuss and will continue to read stories and do projects for the next two weeks. The kids and I have begun to decorate our door for the festivities. Here is a picture of our progress-more to come!

The National Education Association also celebrates March 2 as “Read Across America” day. This is an open invitation to allow anyone and everyone to come into classrooms and read a book. Room 104 will always participate in this activity! Last year, we had 17 readers visit our class to read.  I usually leave the day completely open, but with the field trip in the morning, we will only have after lunch. However, that is still plenty of time for all kinds of readers to visit. Please bring your favorite book, or borrow one of ours and come read to our class!

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