Students of Character

It is my pleasure to recognize the following 3rd grade students for their exemplary character. Each of these students are trustworthy, respectful, and responsible individuals.

Ms. Jessica:  Carter Morgan

Carter leads by example.  He tries his very best to accurately complete his school work and shows responsibility by completing his homework nightly.  Carter sets high expectations for himself both in his academics and behavior.  He is a role model for other students.

Ms. Lesley:  Emma Grace Cena

Throughout the year Emma Grace has consistently maintained qualities such as honesty, kindness, fairness, dependability, and sensitivity to the feeling of others.  She is a friend to all and an excellent role model to all those around her.  Emma Grace is a true example of a students with outstanding character!

Ms. Kim:  Amelia Allen

Amelia is an exemplary student!  She always puts the feeling of others first, and she tries hard to be helpful and kind to everyone.  Amelia is a student of GREAT character!!

Ms. Melissa:  Xander Esparza

Xander has really stepped up his game in 3rd grade!  He has collected many pennies from lots of family members for our PTO Penny War and challenged his 3rd grade friends to bring more so they can win!  Xander is also working very hard to get himself and classmates ready for the spring K-Prep.  He definitly has a genuine care for the sucess of others!!!

Congratulations to all of these students!

I am very proud of you…keep up the good work!!!


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  1. lisa wingfield says:

    Thank u so much 4 all of your involvment and concern with our children.
    It is such a relief 2 all parents I am sure! THANK U !!!

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