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September 30

Homework on page 190 (30-42 Even)

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September 29

Homework on page 190 (10-24 Even skip #16)

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September 17

Homework is on page 148 (7-19)

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September 15

Homework is on page 141 (10-30 even)

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September 9

Homework today over proportions on page 121 (18-36 even)

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September 8

Homework for tonight is on page 119 (10 – 28 even)

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September 5

We are working in class today on improving our comprehension of conversions.  No homework.

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August 25 Homework

Homework is on pages 105 and 106 10-18 Even and 22-30 Even

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Tuesday August 19

Today we are working on multi-step equations and will work all week on this concept Homework is on page 98 (11-23 odd)

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Monday August 18

We are going to continue working on 2-step equations. The students will have a worksheet to complete in class. The worksheet can be printed from the link below.

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