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February 28-March 4

We will be doing scrimmage testing Monday – Wednesday of this week. It is very important for the students to get a good night’s rest, eat a nutritious breakfast, and arrive to school on time. Please encourage your child to do their best!

Due to scrimmage testing, students will not have a reading selection test this week. However, we will have a spelling test on Friday as usual. A spelling list was sent home in their Graded Work folder. The word list consist of science related words found in Chapter 9 in their science textbook.

There will be a science test over chapter 9 on Friday, too. A study guide was placed in their Graded Work folder.


March 14th – beginning at 4:30 – first, second, and third grade class tournaments

March 17th – beginning at 5:00 – kindergarten and fourth grade class tournaments


February 21-25

Word of the Week – Describe- Write a detailed account

I CAN Statements for this week:
I can identify elements of plot to improve comprehension.
I can divide 3 digit dividends by 1 digit divisors with and without remainders.

Monday, February 21st – Presidents Day is being used for a make-up day. School is in session!

Friday, February 25th- Spelling Test
Reading Test
Math Test – chapter 5