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February 28-March 4

We will be doing scrimmage testing Monday – Wednesday of this week. It is very important for the students to get a good night’s rest, eat a nutritious breakfast, and arrive to school on time. Please encourage your child to do their best!

Due to scrimmage testing, students will not have a reading selection test this week. However, we will have a spelling test on Friday as usual. A spelling list was sent home in their Graded Work folder. The word list consist of science related words found in Chapter 9 in their science textbook.

There will be a science test over chapter 9 on Friday, too. A study guide was placed in their Graded Work folder.


March 14th – beginning at 4:30 – first, second, and third grade class tournaments

March 17th – beginning at 5:00 – kindergarten and fourth grade class tournaments


February 21-25

Word of the Week – Describe- Write a detailed account

I CAN Statements for this week:
I can identify elements of plot to improve comprehension.
I can divide 3 digit dividends by 1 digit divisors with and without remainders.

Monday, February 21st – Presidents Day is being used for a make-up day. School is in session!

Friday, February 25th- Spelling Test
Reading Test
Math Test – chapter 5

January 31- February 4

Students will not have a reading test this week. However the nightly reading assignments will come from a science leveled reader :
The Ground Beneath Your Feet.

Students will have a science test over chapter 8 on Thursday.

Spelling test on Friday will be science related words.

Students were given a spelling word list and science study guide. If you need another please let me know.

Jan. 24-28, 2011

No reading test this week. Instead we are using science leveled readers.

Spelling words are science related words.

Chapter 8 Science test is scheduled for Friday.

Should we miss school due to snow the science and spelling test will be rescheduled.

Don’t forget President’s Day, Feb. 21, will be used as a make-up day.

Weekly Calendar for Septeber 6-10


Tuesday – Please remember to sign and return mid-term progress reports.

Wednesday – Chapter 1 Math Test

Thursday – Chapter 2 Science Test

Friday – Spelling Test and Reading Test over “Letters Home from Yosemite”

Weekly Calendar

Fourth Grade News      August 9-13


We had a great first week of school!  Starting this week your child will have a reading assignment Monday – Thursday evenings.  Please remember to sign and return their black folder daily. 


Mrs. Lori Duvall, Kyrock’s PE teacher, needs empty David Sunflower Seed bags.  For every 20 bags, Kyrock will receive $5 in PE equipment.  The bags must be turned in by Aug. 27th.


Please visit our classroom blog at


Re-read “Because of Winn Dixie” and study vocabulary words to prepare for test!!  Study Spelling Words for test!!



Spelling Test–Words on Back (students will be writing in cursive)

Reading Test—Vocabulary and Comprehension over “Because of Winn Dixie”

Students need to study Multiplication facts and spelling words nightly!!

Parents, please remember to sign assignment sheet (in black folder) nightly.

Reading Vocabulary Words:

grand – excellent; wonderful

memorial – helping people to remember a person, thing or

event; monument

peculiarstrange; unusual

positive – without a doubt; sure; certain

prideful – overly proud of oneself; vain


selecting – picking out; choosing

Welcome Back!

Students first day of school will be August 2nd, 2010. The students will be dismissed at 12:00. Welcome Back!

Weekly Calendar

August 2-August 6

Monday -Welcome Back! Students attend for half day
Tuesday –
Wednesday –
Thursday –
Friday -Spelling Test-
(Students may print and write words in cursive.)

Reminders: Anyone leaving before 2:40 will be tardy.
Please return completed forms to school as soon as possible.
Students need to study Multiplication facts!!
Parents, please remember to sign assignment sheet (in black folder) nightly.